The Way Christian Ministries is a Holy Spirit filled ministry led by Dr. Prince Edward Williams who’s mission is to Spread the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.  Our church is 17 years in the making and growing by the grace of God. We have a plethora of Ministries, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Usher Ministry, Deacon Ministry, Youth Ministry, Dance Ministry, Bus Ministry, Music Ministry, Nurses Aide, Marriage Ministry. We honestly believe that one of these ministries has your name on it. On the 4th Saturday of each month we gone on our “Prayer Walk” where we go into the community and evangelize and pray for our neighbors like Jesus commanded us to in Matthew 28:19 “Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations”. On our cover page is a list of our anointed services please feel free to come out and visit anytime thanks again and God Bless you.