Meet Our Pastor

Meet Our Pastor, Dr. Prince Edward Williams. Dr. Williams is a faithful man of God and his main purpose is to spread God’s Love and go ye therefore and spread the Word of God. Dr. Williams stated that “The Lord Revealed to me that the spiritual and physical needs of many Christians were not being met; therefore their lives are much like that of an unbeliever, whom they should be impacting towards change. My passion was to teach the believer to walk in the fullness of Christ in order to lead unbelievers to Christ through genuine discipleship”. Through this vison The Way Christians Ministries were created. Dr. Williams hails from Scottdale, Ga he is the husband of First Lady Sharon Williams they have 4 children Dominic Thomas, Charisse  Sailor, Andre Williams Jr, Ashley Williams. Dr. Williams graduated from Gordon High, Decatur, Ga in 1975, In 2000 he received his Associate of Arts degree from Beulah Heights, in 2001 he received his Bachelors of Arts Degree from Beulah Heights, in 2006 he received his Masters of Divinity from Luther Rice Seminary, in 2010 he received his Masters of Apologetics from Luther Rice Seminary, in 2014 he received his Doctorate of Ministry from Luther Rice University.   Dr. Williams has been the Senior Pastor of The Way Christian Ministries for over 15 years.